[pich-uh-see-ah-goh, -ey-goh]

noun, plural pich·i·ci·a·gos.

any of several small armadillos of the genera Chalmyphorus and Burmeisteria, of southern South America.

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Also pich·i·ci·e·go [pich-uh-see-ey-goh] /ˌpɪtʃ ə siˈeɪ goʊ/.

Origin of pichiciago

1815–25; < American Spanish pichiciego < Araucanian pichi small + Spanish ciego blind (< Latin caecus)

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noun plural -gos

a very small Argentine armadillo, Chlamyphorus truncatus, with white silky hair and pale pink plates on the head and back
greater pichiciego a similar but larger armadillo, Burmeisteria retusa

Word Origin for pichiciego

C19: from Spanish, probably from Guarani pichey small armadillo + Spanish ciego blind

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