Pilgrim Fathers


pl n
  1. the Pilgrim Fathers the English Puritans who sailed on the Mayflower to New England, where they founded Plymouth Colony in SE Massachusetts (1620)

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How to use Pilgrim Fathers in a sentence

  • We can get a pretty good idea of the reasons which led the Pilgrim Fathers to brave everything to get away from their home land.

  • It was indeed a new order of things which was introduced by the Pilgrim Fathers, in their removal to America.

  • Do you really believe that this rock was here in the time of the Pilgrim Fathers?

    Brenda's Ward | Helen Leah Reed
  • Priscilla is just like one of her own Pilgrim Fathers—only more so.

    Brenda's Ward | Helen Leah Reed
  • Communism was tried and found wanting by the Pilgrim Fathers; since then it has been tried and found wanting over and over again.

    Our Foreigners | Samuel P. Orth