[ pip-in ]

  1. any of numerous roundish or oblate varieties of apple.

  2. Botany. a seed.

Origin of pippin

1250–1300; Middle English pipin, variant of pepin<Old French

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How to use pippin in a sentence

  • Do you know, Edwin, I believe you will realize enough off your wine saps and pippins to pay for all your furniture!

  • Pare and core some of the largest and finest pippins, and cut them into thin round slices.

  • It was filled with fruit-trees, the finest peaches in the world, and the finest apples—the Newton pippins.

    The Hunters' Feast | Mayne Reid
  • Sometimes she mingles a few Pippins with the John's to make the Gelly.

  • There were plenty of homely delicacies on the table,—hot cakes and honey, and a basket of brown-and-yellow pippins.

    Uncle Max | Rosa Nouchette Carey

British Dictionary definitions for pippin


/ (ˈpɪpɪn) /

  1. any of several varieties of eating apple with a rounded oblate shape

  2. the seed of any of these fruits

Origin of pippin

C13: from Old French pepin, of uncertain origin

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