[ pee-zah-naw ]
/ piˈzɑ nɔ /


An·dre·a [ahn-dre-ah] /ɑnˈdrɛ ɑ/, c1270–c1348, Italian sculptor.
Gio·van·ni [jaw-vahn-nee] /dʒɔˈvɑn ni/, c1245–c1320, and his father, Ni·co·la [nee-kaw-lah] /niˈkɔ lɑ/, c1220–78, Italian sculptors and architects.
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/ (Italian piˈsaːno) /


Andrea (anˈdrea), real name Andrea de Pontedera. ?1290–1348, Italian sculptor and architect, noted for his bronze reliefs on the door of the baptistry in Florence
Giovanni (dʒoˈvanni). ?1250–?1320, Italian sculptor, who successfully integrated classical and Gothic elements in his sculptures, esp in his pulpit in St Andrea, Pistoia
his father, Nicola (niˈkɔːla). ?1220–?84, Italian sculptor, who pioneered the classical style and is often regarded as a precursor of the Italian Renaissance: noted esp for his pulpit in the baptistry of Pisa Cathedral
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