Piscis Austrinus

[pahy-sis aw-strahy-nuh s, pis-is]
noun, genitive Pis·cis Aus·tri·ni [pahy-sis aw-strahy-nahy, pis-is] /ˈpaɪ sɪs ɔˈstraɪ naɪ, ˈpɪs ɪs/. Astronomy.
  1. the Southern Fish, a southern constellation between Aquarius and Grus, containing the bright star Fomalhaut.
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British Dictionary definitions for piscis austrinus

Piscis Austrinus

noun Latin genitive Piscis Austrini (ɒˈstraɪnaɪ)
  1. a small constellation in the S hemisphere lying between Aquarius and Grus and containing the first-magnitude star Fomalhaut

Word Origin for Piscis Austrinus

Latin: the Southern Fish
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