[ pi-stash-ee-oh, -stah-shee-oh ]
/ pɪˈstæʃ iˌoʊ, -ˈstɑ ʃiˌoʊ /
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noun, plural pis·tach·i·os.
the nut of a Eurasian tree, Pistacia vera, of the cashew family, containing an edible, greenish kernel.
the kernel itself, used for flavoring.
the tree itself.
pistachio nut flavor.
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Also pis·tache [pi-stash], /pɪˈstæʃ/, pistachio nut (for defs. 1, 2).

Origin of pistachio

1375–1425; <Italian pistacchio<Latin pistācium<Greek pistákion pistachio nut, diminutive of pistákē pistachio tree <Middle Persian *pistak (Persian pista); replacing late Middle English pistace<Middle French <Latin, as above
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How to use pistachio in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for pistachio

/ (pɪˈstɑːʃɪˌəʊ) /

noun plural -os
an anacardiaceous tree, Pistacia vera, of the Mediterranean region and W Asia, with small hard-shelled nuts
Also called: pistachio nut the nut of this tree, having an edible green kernel
the sweet flavour of the pistachio nut, used esp in ice creams
of a yellowish-green colour

Word Origin for pistachio

C16: via Italian and Latin from Greek pistakion pistachio nut, from pistakē pistachio tree, from Persian pistah
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