[ pith-os, pahy-thos ]
/ ˈpɪθ ɒs, ˈpaɪ θɒs /

noun, plural pi·thoi [pith-oi, pahy-thoi] /ˈpɪθ ɔɪ, ˈpaɪ θɔɪ/.

a very large earthenware jar having a wide mouth, used by the ancient Greeks for storing liquids, as wine, or for holding food, as grain, or for the burial of the dead.

Origin of pithos

First recorded in 1875–80, pithos is from the Greek word píthos
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Examples from the Web for pithoi

  • Contemporaneous with these are large vases of red ware corresponding with the Greek pithoi.

    The Ceramic Art|Jennie J. Young
  • The Greeks used modelling tools for their ornaments, and also for pithoi, or casks.

    The Ceramic Art|Jennie J. Young

British Dictionary definitions for pithoi


/ (ˈpɪθɒs, ˈpaɪ-) /

noun plural -thoi (-θɔɪ)

a large ceramic container for oil or grain

Word Origin for pithos

from Greek
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