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noun, plural plas·mo·des·ma·ta [plaz-muh-des-muh-tuh] /ˌplæz məˈdɛs mə tə/. Botany.
  1. any of many minute strands of cytoplasm that extend through plant cell walls and connect adjoining cells.
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Origin of plasmodesma

< German (1901) < Greek plasmo- plasmo- + désma bond, fetter
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British Dictionary definitions for plasmodesmata


plasmodesm (ˈplæzməˌdɛzəm)

noun plural -desmata (-ˈdɛzmətə) or -desms
  1. botany any of various very fine cytoplasmic threads connecting the cytoplasm of adjacent cells via minute holes in the cell walls
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Word Origin

C20: from plasmo- + Greek desma bond
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