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a combining form representing platinum in compound words: platinocyanic.
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Also platini-; especially before a vowel, platin-.
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What does platino- mean?

Platino- is a combining form used like a prefix meaning “platinum,” a heavy, grayish-white, highly malleable and ductile metallic element.  It is occasionally used in scientific terms, especially in chemistry.

Platino- ultimately comes from Spanish platina, meaning “silverlike element.” Platina, in turn, comes from the Provençal word plata, which means “(silver) plate.” Plata has the same root as English plate: Latin plata, which literally meant “something flat” and more figuratively referred to a sheet of metal. While plate preserves the definition of flatness, the association with metal, especially precious metal, influenced the development of this word in modern Romance languages.

What are variants of platino-?

When combined with words or word elements that begin with a vowel, platino- becomes platin-, as in platinous.

Examples of platino-

One example of a technical term that features the combining form platino- is platinotype, “a process of printing positives in which a platinum salt is used, rather than the usual silver salts, in order to make a more permanent print.”

While platino- means “platinum,” -type means “type, especially in names of photographic processes,” from Greek týpos, meaning “blow, impression.” Platinotype literally means “platinum impression.”

What are some words that use the combining form platino- or platin-?

What are some other forms that platino- may be commonly confused with?

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The suffix -oid means “resembling, like.” With this in mind, what does platinoid mean?

How to use platino- in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for platino-


platini- or before a vowel platin-

combining form
of, relating to, containing, or resembling platinumplatinotype
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