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  1. Grammar.
    1. perfect with respect to a point of reference in past time, as had done in He had done it when I came.
    2. designating a tense or other verb formation or construction with such meaning, as Latin portāveram “I had carried.”
  2. more than perfect: He spoke the language with pluperfect precision.
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noun Grammar.
    1. the pluperfect tense, or other verb formation or construction with such meaning.
    2. a form in the pluperfect.
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Origin of pluperfect

1520–30; < Latin plū(s quam) perfectum (more than) perfect, translation of Greek hypersyntelikós
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Historical Examples of pluperfect

  • Among rats the chieftain is, of necessity, pluperfect master of defence.

    "Wee Tim'rous Beasties"

    Douglas English

  • The rest as the pluperfect of gwîl, or of menny, to will, with the infinitive.

  • So it was in this pluperfect esteem that Amory by and by came to bask, with Cosimo as her showman.

    Gray youth

    Oliver Onions

  • The pluperfect (or past perfect) subjunctive refers to past time.

  • And where in the pluperfect hell do I dig up a precedent on that one?

British Dictionary definitions for pluperfect


adjective, noun
  1. grammar another term for past perfect
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Word Origin for pluperfect

C16: from the Latin phrase plūs quam perfectum more than perfect
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Word Origin and History for pluperfect


1520s, shortened from Latin (tempus praeteritum) plus (quam) perfectum "(past tense) more (than) perfect." Translates Greek khronos hypersyntelikos. See plus and perfect.

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