[ ploo-vee-uh l ]
/ ˈplu vi əl /


of or relating to rain, especially much rain; rainy.
Geology. occurring through the action of rain.


Geology. a rainy period formerly regarded as coeval with a glacial age, but now recognized as episodic and, in the tropics, as characteristic of interglacial ages.

Origin of pluvial

1650–60; < Latin pluviālis, equivalent to pluvi(a) rain + -ālis -al1
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/ (ˈpluːvɪəl) /


of, characterized by, or due to the action of rain; rainypluvial insurance


geology of or relating to rainfall or precipitation
a climate characterized by persistent heavy rainfall, esp one occurring in unglaciated regions during the Pleistocene epoch

Word Origin for pluvial

C17: from Latin pluviālis rainy, from pluvia rain
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Word Origin and History for pluvial



1650s, "pertaining to rain," from French pluvial (12c.), from Latin pluvialis "pertaining to rain, rainy, rain-bringing," from (aqua) pluvia "rain (water)," from fem. of pluvius "rainy," from plovere "to rain," from PIE root *pleu- "to flow, to swim" (cf. Sanskrit plavate "navigates, swims;" Greek plynein "to wash," plein "to navigate," ploein "to float, swim," plotos "floating, navigable;" Armenian luanam "I wash;" Old English flowan "to flow;" Old Church Slavonic plovo "to flow, navigate;" Lithuanian pilu, pilti "to pour out," plauju, plauti "to swim, rinse").

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[ plōōvē-əl ]

Relating to or caused by rain.
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