[ pawrt-man-toh, pawrt-man-toh ]
/ p蓴rt藞m忙n to蕣, 藢p蓴rt m忙n藞to蕣 /
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noun, plural port路man路teaus, port路man路teaux [pawrt-man-tohz, -toh; pawrt-man-tohz, -toh,]. /p蓴rt藞m忙n to蕣z, -to蕣; 藢p蓴rt m忙n藞to蕣z, -藞to蕣,/.
Chiefly British. a case or bag to carry clothing in while traveling, especially a leather trunk or suitcase that opens into two halves.
  1. Also called port路man路teau word . a word that combines the form and meaning of two or more other words; a blend.
  2. Also called port路man路teau morph . a phonological unit of more than one morpheme, as French au (to the) from to + le masculine article, which realizes a preposition and the definite article; a single morph that is analyzed as representing two underlying morphemes.
something that combines or blends several items, features, or qualities: I've gathered a portmanteau of ideas from my colleagues.
combining or blending several items, features, or qualities: a portmanteau film with two good stories.
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Origin of portmanteau

From French portemanteau literally, 鈥(it) carries (the) cloak鈥; see port5, mantle;def. 1 was first recorded in 1575鈥85, and def. 2a in 1871 in Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll.
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How to use portmanteau in a sentence

British Dictionary definitions for portmanteau

/ (p蓴藧t藞m忙nt蓹蕣) /

noun plural -teaus or -teaux (-t蓹蕣z)
(formerly) a large travelling case made of stiff leather, esp one hinged at the back so as to open out into two compartments
(modifier) embodying several uses or qualitiesthe heroine is a portmanteau figure of all the virtues

Word Origin for portmanteau

C16: from French: cloak carrier, from porter to carry + manteau cloak, mantle
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