also postmortem, 1734 (adverb), from Latin post mortem, from post "after" (see post-) + mortem, accusative of mors "death" (see mortal (adj.)). From 1835 as an adjective. As a noun, shortening of post-mortem examination, it is recorded from 1850.

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  • No pregnancy existed, as was revealed by a post-mortem examination.

    The Physical Life of Woman:

    Dr. George H Napheys

  • Colomba besought the colonel to be present at the post-mortem examination.


    Prosper Merimee

  • It would have been deferred for a few days pending the post-mortem examination.

  • There was an inquest and a post-mortem, but "death from natural causes" was the verdict.

    The Crack of Doom

    Robert Cromie

  • Of course, to be 21 sure of that, one must make a post-mortem examination.

    Panther Eye

    Roy J. Snell