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preconceived notion

[ pree-kuhn-seevd noh-shuhn ]


  1. an idea or judgment about something formed before encountering any evidence or firsthand information:

    It’s important to note the obstacles, but we don't want to begin with the preconceived notion that this project is simply undoable.

    Even back then, she wasn’t deterred by the naysayers and their preconceived notions about what careers women could or couldn't have.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of preconceived notion1

First recorded in 1650–60
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Example Sentences

Porn For Women, however, strays away from the typical preconceived notion of the explicit content beloved by the male species.

Rather it is the willingness of the CDC investigators to be guided by the data and not by a preconceived notion of the “message.”

It is wonderful how our preconceived notion of God and religion vanishes before the first gleams of experience.

In the three instances given above, the preconceived notion is clear and determined.

Preconceit′, a preconceived notion; Preconcep′tion, act of preconceiving: previous opinion formed without actual knowledge.

He said he had entered the world with too favourable a preconceived notion.

He naturally treated them as a philosopher, but without any preconceived notion of making any religious converts.


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