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  1. of, relating to, or noting reproduction.
  2. of or relating to the sexual organs.
  3. Psychoanalysis.
    1. of or relating to the genital phase of psychosexual development.
    2. of or relating to the centering of sexual impulses and excitation on the genitalia.
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Origin of genital

1350–1400; Middle English < Old French < Latin genitālis of birth, equivalent to genit(us), past participle of gignere to beget + -ālis -al1
Related formspost·gen·i·tal, adjectivepre·gen·i·tal, adjectivesub·gen·i·tal, adjective
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British Dictionary definitions for pregenital


  1. of or relating to the sexual organs or to reproduction
  2. psychoanal relating to the mature stage of psychosexual development in which an affectionate relationship with one's sex partner is establishedCompare anal (def. 2), oral (def. 7), phallic (def. 2)
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Word Origin

C14: from Latin genitālis concerning birth, from gignere to beget
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Word Origin and History for pregenital



late 14c., in membres genytal "the genitals," from Latin genitalis "pertaining to generation or birth" (also a by-name of the goddess Diana), from genitus, past participle of gignere "to beget" (see genus). As a noun meaning "sex organ" from mid-15c.

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pregenital in Medicine


  1. Of or relating to biological reproduction.
  2. Of or relating to the genitalia.
  3. Of or relating to the stage of psychosexual development in psychoanalytic theory beginning in puberty and during which the genitals become the focus of sexual gratification.
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  1. A reproductive organ, especially one of the external sex organs.
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