[ pree-muh-choo r, -too r, -tyoo r, pree-muh-choo r or, esp. British, prem-uh-, prem-uh- ]
/ ˌpri məˈtʃʊər, -ˈtʊər, -ˈtyʊər, ˈpri məˌtʃʊər or, esp. British, ˌprɛm ə-, ˈprɛm ə- /


occurring, coming, or done too soon: a premature announcement.
mature or ripe before the proper time.


a premature infant.

Origin of premature

From the Latin word praemātūrus, dating back to 1520–30. See pre-, mature

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British Dictionary definitions for prematurely

/ (ˌprɛməˈtjʊə, ˈprɛməˌtjʊə) /


occurring or existing before the normal or expected time
impulsive or hastya premature judgment
(of an infant) weighing less than 2500 g (5 1/2 lbs) and usually born before the end of the full period of gestation

Derived forms of premature

prematurely, adverbprematureness or prematurity, noun

Word Origin for premature

C16: from Latin praemātūrus, very early, from prae in advance + mātūrus ripe
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Medical definitions for prematurely

[ prē′mə-chur, -tur ]


Occurring or developing before the usual or expected time.
Born after a gestation period of less than the normal time, especially, in human infants, after a period of less than 37 weeks.

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pre′ma•turi•ty n.
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