[pri-meer, -myeer, pree-meer]


the head of the cabinet in France or Italy or certain other countries; first minister; prime minister.
a chief officer.


first in rank; chief; leading.
first in time; earliest; oldest.

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Origin of premier

1400–50; late Middle English primer, primier, premer (adj.) < Anglo-French primer, premer and Middle French premier, primier literally, first < Latin prīmārius of the first rank; see primary

Related formspre·mier·ship, noun

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another name for prime minister
any of the heads of governments of the Canadian provinces and the Australian states
(plural) Australian the winners of a premiership

adjective (prenominal)

first in importance, rank, etc
first in occurrence; earliest

Word Origin for premier

C15: from Old French: first, from Latin prīmārius principal, from prīmus first

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Culture definitions for premier


The head of government in many nations. A premier's position is usually the same as that of a prime minister. The chiefs of government of the provinces of Canada are called premiers.

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