editio princeps

[ e-dit-i-oh pring-keps; English ih-dish-ee-oh prin-seps ]
/ ɛˈdɪt ɪˌoʊ ˈprɪŋ kɛps; English ɪˈdɪʃ iˌoʊ ˈprɪn sɛps /

noun, plural e·di·ti·o·nes prin·ci·pes [e-dit-i-oh-nes pring-ki-pes; English ih-dish-ee-oh-neez prin-suh-peez] /ɛˌdɪt ɪˈoʊ nɛs ˈprɪŋ kɪˌpɛs; English ɪˌdɪʃ iˈoʊ niz ˈprɪn səˌpiz/. Latin.

first edition.

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facile princeps

[ fah-ki-le pring-keps; English fas-uh-lee prin-seps ]
/ ˈfɑ kɪˌlɛ ˈprɪŋ kɛps; English ˈfæs ə li ˈprɪn sɛps /


easily the first or best.
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editio princeps

/ Latin (ɪˈdɪʃɪəʊ ˈprɪnsɛps) /

noun plural editiones principes (ɪˌdɪʃɪˈəʊniːz ˈprɪnsɪˌpiːz)

the first printed edition of a work

facile princeps

/ Latin (ˈfæsɪlɪ ˈprɪnsɛps) /


an obvious leader

Word Origin for facile princeps

literally: easily first

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Word Origin and History for princeps

facile princeps

Latin, literally "easily first." An acknowledged leader or chief.

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Medicine definitions for princeps


[ prĭnsĕps′ ]


Principal; main. Used in anatomy to distinguish several arteries.

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