private property


  1. land or belongings owned by a person or group and kept for their exclusive use

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Example Sentences

Does Joni Ernst believe the U.N. is trying to ban private property?

The island is strictly off-limits to tourists, not because it is haunted, but because it is private property.

While the church since then has allowed private property, property should never be allowed to trump the common good.

They have been aimed at Palestinian private property, mosques, and churches.

But there is one set of rights that apparently trumps both private property and employer prerogatives: the right to bear arms.

For two days the British burned and destroyed public and private property and later returned leisurely to Portsmouth.

This is the broadest street in London and was opened by wholesale condemnation of private property.

I would put up a sign saying that this was private property and no shooting was allowed.

Eleemosynary corporations are for the management of private property, according to the will of the donors.

No description of private property has been regarded as more sacred than college livings.





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