pro patria

[ proh pah-tri-ah; English proh pey-tree-uh, pa- ]

  1. for one's country.

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How to use pro patria in a sentence

  • France was saved because the French people never faltered in their belief that dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.

    Paris Vistas | Helen Davenport Gibbons
  • So patriotic and brave was he that if "Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori" ever was true of any hero it was of him.

    Reminiscences of a Rebel | Wayland Fuller Dunaway
  • Catilina longe a suis inter hostium cadavera repertus est: pulcherrima morte, si pro patria sic concidisset!

    Selections from Viri Romae | Charles Franois L'Homond
  • Convenit dimicare pro legibus, pro libertate, pro patria: comp.

  • It was a folio, pro patria size, in pica, with long primer notes.

British Dictionary definitions for pro patria

pro patria

/ Latin (ˈprəʊ ˈpætrɪˌɑː) /

  1. for one's country

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