[ proh-kyoor, pruh- ]
/ proʊˈkyʊər, prə- /
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verb (used with object), pro·cured, pro·cur·ing.

to obtain or get by care, effort, or the use of special means: to procure evidence.
to bring about, especially by unscrupulous and indirect means: to procure secret documents.
to obtain (a person) for the purpose of prostitution.

verb (used without object), pro·cured, pro·cur·ing.

to act as a procurer or pimp.



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Origin of procure

1250–1300; Middle English procuren, from Latin prōcūrāre “to take care of.” See pro-1, cure
1. See get.
pro·cure·ment, nounself-pro·cured, adjectiveself-pro·cur·ing, adjectiveun·pro·cured, adjective
procuration, procurement
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British Dictionary definitions for procure

/ (prəˈkjʊə) /


(tr) to obtain or acquire; secure
to obtain (women or girls) to act as prostitutes
procurable, adjectiveprocurance or procural, noun
C13: from Latin prōcūrāre to look after, from pro- 1 + cūrāre to care for
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