[ pruh-moh-shuhn ]
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  1. advancement in rank or position.

  2. furtherance or encouragement.

  1. the act of promoting.

  2. the state of being promoted.

  3. something devised to publicize or advertise a product, cause, institution, etc., as a brochure, free sample, poster, television or radio commercial, or personal appearance.

  4. Also called queening. Chess. the replacement of a pawn that has reached the enemy's first rank by a more powerful piece of the same color, usually a queen.

Origin of promotion

First recorded in 1400–50; late Middle English, from Late Latin prōmōtiōn-, stem of prōmōtiō “movement forward, advancement”; equivalent to promote + -ion

Other words from promotion

  • pro·mo·tion·al, adjective
  • non·pro·mo·tion, noun
  • pre·pro·mo·tion, noun
  • self-pro·mo·tion, noun
  • un·pro·mo·tion·al, adjective

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