[ uh-ris-tuh-krat-ik, ar-uh-stuh- ]
/ əˌrɪs təˈkræt ɪk, ˌær ə stə- /


of or relating to government by an aristocracy.
belonging to or favoring the aristocracy.
characteristic of an aristocrat; having the manners, values, or qualities associated with the aristocracy: aristocratic bearing; aristocratic snobbishness.
Also a·ris·to·crat·i·cal.

Origin of aristocratic

1595–1605; < Greek aristokratikós pertaining to aristocracy; see -ic

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Examples from the Web for pseudo-aristocratic

  • I am only a scoundrel of the pseudo-aristocratic society, and I am regarded as 'a charming polis-son.'

    Short Stories|Fiodor Dostoievski

British Dictionary definitions for pseudo-aristocratic

/ (ˌærɪstəˈkrætɪk) /


relating to or characteristic of aristocracy or an aristocrat
elegant or stylish in appearance and behaviour

Derived forms of aristocratic

aristocratically, adverb
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