[ pyoo-uh-ril-i-tee, pyoo-ril- ]
/ ˌpyu əˈrɪl ɪ ti, pyʊˈrɪl- /

noun, plural pu·er·il·i·ties.

the state or quality of being a child.
the quality of being puerile; childish foolishness or triviality.
a puerile act, idea, remark, etc.: an inexcusable puerility.

Origin of puerility

First recorded in 1425–75; late Middle English word from Latin word puerīlitās. See puerile, -ity
Related formsnon·pu·er·il·i·ty, noun, plural non·pu·er·il·i·ties.
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late 15c., from Middle French puérilité (15c.), from Latin puerilitatem (nominative puerilitas) "childishness," from puerilis "boyish, youthful; childish, trivial, silly," from puer "child, boy," from PIE *pau- (1) "few, little," with sense extended to "small, young" (cf. Latin putus "boy," Sanskrit putrah "son, boy," Avestan puthra- "son, child;" see few (adj.)).

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