[ kwawr-uhl, kwor- ]
/ ˈkwɔr əl, ˈkwɒr- /


an angry dispute or altercation; a disagreement marked by a temporary or permanent break in friendly relations.
a cause of dispute, complaint, or hostile feeling: She has no quarrel with her present salary.

verb (used without object), quar·reled, quar·rel·ing or (especially British) quar·relled, quar·rel·ling.

to disagree angrily; squabble; wrangle.
to end a friendship as a result of a disagreement.
to make a complaint; find fault.

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Origin of quarrel

1300–50; Middle English querele < Old French < Latin querēla, querella a complaint, derivative of querī to complain

1. argument, contention, controversy, difference, fight. Quarrel, dissension refer to disagreement and conflict. Quarrel applies chiefly to a verbal disagreement between individuals or groups and is used with reference to a large variety of situations, from a slight and petty difference of opinion to a violent altercation: It was little more than a domestic quarrel. Their quarrel led to the barroom brawl. Dissension usually implies a profound disagreement and bitter conflict. It also applies chiefly to conflict within a group or to members of the same group: dissension within the union; dissension among the Democrats. 3. bicker, argue, brawl, fight.

Related formsquar·rel·er, nounquar·rel·ing·ly, adverbun·quar·rel·ing, adjectiveun·quar·rel·ling, adjective

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/ (ˈkwɒrəl) /


an angry disagreement; argument
a cause of disagreement or dispute; grievance

verb -rels, -relling or -relled or US -rels, -reling or -reled (intr often foll by with)

to engage in a disagreement or dispute; argue
to find fault; complain
Derived Formsquarreller or US quarreler, noun

Word Origin for quarrel

C14: from Old French querele, from Latin querēlla complaint, from querī to complain


/ (ˈkwɒrəl) /


an arrow having a four-edged head, fired from a crossbow
a small square or diamond-shaped pane of glass, usually one of many in a fixed or casement window and framed with lead

Word Origin for quarrel

C13: from Old French quarrel pane, from Medieval Latin quadrellus, diminutive of Latin quadrus square

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see pick a quarrel.

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