race suicide

  1. the extinction of a racial or ethnic population that tends to result when, through the unwillingness or forbearance of its members to have children, the birthrate falls below the death rate.

Origin of race suicide

An Americanism dating back to 1900–05

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How to use race suicide in a sentence

  • The streets were literally thronged with children of all ages; no sign of race suicide in this bit of Lincolnshire.

  • On one street there were about five hundred kids, and Baldy remarked, "No race suicide here."

    Into the Jaws of Death | Jack O'Brien
  • We can, therefore, draw our conclusions as to whether the Socialists approve of propagating race suicide.

    The Red Conspiracy | Joseph J. Mereto
  • There is, however, no record of any Socialist complaint against its continued race suicide propaganda.

    The Red Conspiracy | Joseph J. Mereto
  • Milord and milady must decide between hospitality and race-suicide, or two children and no week-end visitor.

    The Comforts of Home | Ralph Bergengren