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  1. an establishment maintained for raising livestock under range conditions.

  2. Chiefly Western U.S. and Canada. a large farm used primarily to raise one kind of crop or animal: a mink ranch.

  1. the persons employed or living on a ranch.

  2. ranch dressing: I’ll have the small salad, with ranch on the side.

verb (used without object)
  1. to manage or work on a ranch.

Origin of ranch

An Americanism dating from 1800–10; from Spanish rancho “farm, cattle farm, ranch”; see origin at rancho

Other words from ranch

  • ranchless, adjective
  • ranchlike, adjective
  • un·ranched, adjective

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How to use ranch in a sentence

  • If these weren't modern days he'd come near bein' a gun-man, same as we had in Texas, when I ranched there in the 'seventies.

  • For a time he "ranched" without success, and was heard of as a frequenter of saloons.

  • It caused her to remove to Santa Ana, where her old father had feebly ranched a "quarter section" in the valley.

    Under the Redwoods | Bret Harte
  • He had ranched in Canada, and had also done something vague of the outdoor kind in Texas.

    December Love | Robert Hichens
  • After he had finished his first season of work as sheriff and as United States marshal, Garrett ranched it for a time.

    The Story of the Outlaw | Emerson Hough

British Dictionary definitions for ranch


/ (rɑːntʃ) /

  1. a large tract of land, esp one in North America, together with the necessary personnel, buildings, and equipment, for rearing livestock, esp cattle

    • any large farm for the rearing of a particular kind of livestock or crop: a mink ranch

    • the buildings, land, etc, connected with it

  1. (intr) to manage or run a ranch

  2. (tr) to raise (animals) on or as if on a ranch

Origin of ranch

C19: from Mexican Spanish rancho small farm; see rancho

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