[ rap-er ]

  1. a person or thing that raps or knocks.

  2. the knocker of a door.

  1. Slang. a person who chats or talks, especially freely.

  2. a person who performs rap music, especially professionally.

Origin of rapper

1605–15; 1970–75, Americanismfor def. 3; rap1 + -er1

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How to use rapper in a sentence

  • We allude to what are familiarly termed "rappers," or "knocking spirits," from the noises which they are said to make.

    The Spirit Land | Samuel B. (Samuel Bulfinch) Emmons
  • The writings of the spirit rappers abound with accounts of sights, sounds, visions, and wonders.

    The Spirit Land | Samuel B. (Samuel Bulfinch) Emmons
  • For aught we can see, the phenomena put forth by the "rappers" differ not materially from the biologic developments.

    The Spirit Land | Samuel B. (Samuel Bulfinch) Emmons
  • To electro-biologists, spirit-rappers, and table-turners the same arguments must be used as we employ to mesmerists.

    A Book about Doctors | John Cordy Jeaffreson
  • But no prayer or curse will reach me, no incantation of conjurers or spirit-rappers will call me back.

British Dictionary definitions for rapper


/ (ˈræpə) /

  1. something used for rapping, such as a knocker on a door

  2. a performer of rap music

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