[ ih-noo-muh-rey-shuh n, ih-nyoo- ]
/ ɪˌnu məˈreɪ ʃən, ɪˌnyu- /


an act of enumerating.
a catalog or list.

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Origin of enumeration

First recorded in 1545–55, enumeration is from the Latin word ēnumerātiōn- (stem of ēnumerātiō). See enumerate, -ion

Related formspre·e·nu·mer·a·tion, nounre·e·nu·mer·a·tion, noun

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Word Origin and History for re-enumeration



1550s, from Middle French énumération, from Latin enumerationem (nominative enumeratio) "a counting up," noun of action from past participle stem of enumerare "to reckon up, count over, enumerate," from ex- "from" (see ex-) + numerare "to count, number," from numerus "number" (see number (n.)).

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