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  1. a fixed mutual agreement for a meeting; engagement: We made an appointment to meet again.
  2. a meeting set for a specific time or place: I'm late for my appointment.
  3. the act of appointing, designating, or placing in office: to fill a vacancy by appointment.
  4. an office, position, or the like, to which a person is appointed: He received his appointment as ambassador to Italy.
  5. Usually appointments. equipment, furnishings, or accouterments.
  6. appointments, accouterments for a soldier or a horse.
  7. Manège. a horse-show class in which the contestant need not be a member of a hunt but must wear regulation hunt livery.Compare Corinthian(def 9).
  8. Archaic. decree; ordinance.
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Origin of appointment

1375–1425; late Middle English apoynt(e)ment < Middle French ap(p)ointement. See appoint, -ment
Related formspro·ap·point·ment, adjectivere·ap·point·ment, noun


Synonym study

4. Appointment, office, post, station all refer to kinds of duty or employment. Appointment refers to a position to which one is assigned, as by a high government official. Office often suggests a position of trust or authority. Post is usually restricted to a military or other public position, as of a diplomat, although it may also refer to a teaching position. Both post and station may refer to the place where a person is assigned to work.
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Historical Examples

  • Granvelle recommended a reappointment of the Duchess Margaret.

    The Rise of the Dutch Republic, Volume III.(of III) 1574-84

    John Lothrop Motley

  • The term is five years, without eligibility to reappointment.

    Looking Backward

    Edward Bellamy

  • And his release was followed by reappointment to his old command.

    Lords of the World

    Alfred John Church

  • Reappointment was generally an object of keen desire to these officials.



  • To make the reappointment himself, however, was too humiliating.

    The Day of the Confederacy

    Nathaniel W. Stephenson

British Dictionary definitions for reappointment


  1. an arrangement to meet a person or be at a place at a certain time
  2. the act of placing in a job or position
  3. the person who receives such a job or position
  4. the job or position to which such a person is appointed
  5. (usually plural) a fixture or fitting
  6. property law nomination to an interest in property under a deed or will
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Word Origin and History for reappointment



early 15c., "an agreement," also "a fixing of a date for official business," from Middle French apointement, from apointer (see appoint). Meaning "act of placing in office" is attested from 1650s.

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see make an appointment.

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