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[kon-kwest, kong-]
  1. the act or state of conquering or the state of being conquered; vanquishment.
  2. the winning of favor, affection, love, etc.: the conquest of Antony by Cleopatra.
  3. a person whose favor, affection, etc., has been won: He's another one of her conquests.
  4. anything acquired by conquering, as a nation, a territory, or spoils.
  5. the Conquest. Norman Conquest.
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Origin of conquest

1275–1325; Middle English conqueste < Anglo-French, Old French < Vulgar Latin *conquēsta (for Latin conquīsīta, feminine past participle of conquīrere). See con-, quest
Related formspost·con·quest, adjectivere·con·quest, nounself-con·quest, noun


1. subjugation, defeat, mastery. See victory. 2. seduction, enchantment.


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Examples from the Web for reconquest

Historical Examples

  • The British commodore settled that point, by replying, "It is mine by reconquest."

    The Life of Horatio Lord Nelson

    Robert Southey

  • Do you think that reconquest would settle the Irish question?

    Ireland as It Is

    Robert John Buckley (AKA R.J.B.)

  • The reconquest of Ghent and Bruges followed upon the fall of Lille.

  • In his report to the Senate he described his victory as the reconquest of all Germany.

  • "Not only will they try, but they will effect the reconquest of the country," I answered.

British Dictionary definitions for reconquest


  1. the act or an instance of conquering or the state of having been conquered; victory
  2. a person, thing, etc, that has been conquered or won
  3. the act or art of gaining a person's compliance, love, etc, by seduction or force of personality
  4. a person, whose compliance, love, etc, has been won over by seduction or force of personality
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Word Origin

C13: from Old French conqueste, from Vulgar Latin conquēsta (unattested), from Latin conquīsīta, feminine past participle of conquīrere to seek out, procure; see conquer


  1. the Conquest See Norman Conquest
  2. the Conquest Canadian the conquest by the United Kingdom of French North America, ending in 1763
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Word Origin and History for reconquest


1540s, from Middle French reconqueste (16c., Modern French reconquête), cognate with Spanish reconquista; see re- + conquest.

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early 14c., a merged word from Old French conquest "acquisition" (Modern French conquêt), and Old French conqueste "conquest, acquisition" (Modern French conquête), both from past participle of conquerre, from Vulgar Latin *conquaerere (see conquer).

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