[adjective red-hot; noun red-hot]
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  1. red with heat; very hot.
  2. creating much excitement, demand, or discussion: The new toy robot is a red-hot item this Christmas.
  3. violent; furious: red-hot anger.
  4. characterized by intense excitement, enthusiasm, or passion.
  5. very fresh or new; most recent: red-hot tips on the stock market.
  1. a person who has great fervor or intensity, as for a goal or cause.
  2. Informal. a hot dog.
  3. a small cinnamon-flavored candy.

Origin of red-hot

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British Dictionary definitions for red hot


  1. (esp of metal) heated to the temperature at which it glows rediron is red-hot at about 500°C
  2. extremely hotthe stove is red-hot, so don't touch it
  3. keen, excited, or eager; enthusiastic
  4. furious; violentred-hot anger
  5. very recent or topicalred-hot information
  6. Australian slang extreme, unreasonable, or unfairthe charges are red-hot
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Word Origin and History for red hot



late 14c., "heated till it glows red" (of metal, etc.); of persons, "lively, passionate," it is recorded from c.1600. Red-hot mama is 1926, jazz slang, "earthy female singer," also "girlfriend, lover."

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