Red Cross

  1. an international philanthropic organization (Red Cross Society ), formed in consequence of the Geneva Convention of 1864, to care for the sick and wounded in war, secure neutrality of nurses, hospitals, etc., and help relieve suffering caused by pestilence, floods, fires, and other calamities.

  2. a branch of this organization: the American Red Cross.

  1. the English national emblem of St. George's cross.

  • Also red cross (for defs. 3, 4) .

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Red Cross

  1. an international humanitarian organization (Red Cross Society) formally established by the Geneva Convention of 1864. It was originally limited to providing medical care for war casualties, but its services now include liaison between prisoners of war and their families, relief to victims of natural disasters, etc

  2. any national branch of this organization

  1. the emblem of this organization, consisting of a red cross on a white background

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