[ rez-uh-nuhs ]
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  1. full of or containing resin.

  2. of the nature of or resembling resin.

  1. pertaining to or characteristic of resin.

Origin of resinous

From the Latin word rēsīnōsus, dating back to 1640–50. See resin, -ous
  • Also res·in·y [rez-uh-nee]. /ˈrɛz ə ni/.

Other words from resinous

  • res·in·ous·ly, adverb
  • res·in·ous·ness, noun
  • sem·i·res·in·ous, adjective
  • sem·i·res·in·y, adjective
  • un·res·in·ous, adjective

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How to use resinous in a sentence

  • “Guayule” is a resinous rubber secured from a two-foot shrub that grows on the arid plains of Texas and Northern Mexico.

  • There was a smell of resinous wood-smoke in the air, but save for the distant sound of the river everything was very still.

    The Gold Trail | Harold Bindloss
  • Upon it they wrote with pens made of split reeds and with a thick ink made of soot (lampblack) mixed with resinous gums.

    The Private Life of the Romans | Harold Whetstone Johnston
  • The ether left, on evaporation, a yellow resinous substance having a faint odor like garlic.

  • The small, earth-floored room was dry and warm, and smelt pleasantly of resinous wood.

    The Girl From Keller's | Harold Bindloss