Reye's syndrome

[ rahyz, reyz ]
/ raɪz, reɪz /
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noun Pathology.
an uncommon, severe disorder occurring primarily in children after a viral illness, as influenza or chickenpox, and associated with aspirin usage, involving swelling of the brain and liver and affecting other organs: symptoms include fever, projectile vomiting, confusion, and, sometimes, respiratory arrest.
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Origin of Reye's syndrome

After Ralph Douglas Kenneth Reye (1912–78), Australian pediatrician, who co-wrote a description of the syndrome in 1963

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British Dictionary definitions for Reye's syndrome

Reye's syndrome
/ (raɪz, reɪz) /

a rare metabolic disease in children that can be fatal, involving damage to the brain, liver, and kidneys

Word Origin for Reye's syndrome

C20: named after R. D. K. Reye (1912–78) Australian paediatrician
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Scientific definitions for Reye's syndrome

Reye's syndrome
[ rīz ]

A rare, acute encephalopathy characterized by fever, vomiting, fatty infiltration of the liver, disorientation, and coma, occurring mainly in children and usually following a viral infection, such as chickenpox or influenza.
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