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[nev-uh l]
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  1. Richard. Warwick, Earl of.
  2. a male given name: an Old North French family name, taken from a place-name.
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[wawr-ik, wor- or for 4, wawr-wik, wor-]
  1. Earl ofRichard Neville, Earl of Salisburythe Kingmaker, 1428–71, English military leader and statesman.
  2. a town in Warwickshire in central England.
  3. Warwickshire.
  4. a city in E Rhode Island.
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  1. a town in central England, administrative centre of Warwickshire, on the River Avon: 14th-century castle, with collections of armour and waxworks: the university of Warwick (1965) is in Coventry. Pop: 23 350 (2001)
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  1. Earl of, title of Richard Neville, known as the Kingmaker. 1428–71, English statesman. During the Wars of the Roses, he fought first for the Yorkists, securing the throne (1461) for Edward IV, and then for the Lancastrians, restoring Henry VI (1470). He was killed at Barnet by Edward IV
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