[ rish-ee ]

  1. an inspired sage or poet.

  2. (initial capital letter) one of seven of these to whom the Vedas supposedly were revealed.

Origin of rishi

First recorded in 1760–70, rishi is from the Sanskrit word ṛṣi

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How to use rishi in a sentence

  • Agni, worthy to be magnified by the ancient Rishis and by the present ones—may he conduct the gods hither.

  • The faith of the Rishis, as will be shown later, like that of the psalmists, has a noble moral aspect.

  • The Rishis and priests of the princely families were on their way to becoming the all-powerful Brahmans.

  • Greater than the son of Ila, than the kings of earth in might, Holier than the holy rishis, be thou in thy virtue bright!

    Maha-bharata | Anonymous
  • Rishis came to good Yudhishthir, sat beside his evening fires, Many olden tales recited, legends of our ancient sires.

    Maha-bharata | Anonymous