[ rohl-uhp ]
/ ˈroʊlˌʌp /
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Also rollup . something, as a carpet or window shade, that can be rolled up when not in use.
Informal. an increase, as in value or cost.
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Origin of roll-up

First recorded in 1745–55; noun use of verb phrase roll up
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What does roll-up mean?

A roll-up is something that can be easily rolled into a cylinder, such as a rug or a window shade.

Informally, a roll-up is also an increase, such as with a roll-up cost.

Roll-up can also be spelled rollup.

Roll up means to wrap an object around itself or on an axis, as with a map.

Informally, roll up can also mean to arrive, especially in a vehicle.

Example: Roll up that blanket and throw it in the picnic basket.

Where does roll-up come from?

The first records of the term roll-up come from around 1739. It comes from the verb phrase roll up, which dates to at least 1425. Roll-up most often refers to something that can be rolled up.

You might be familiar with Fruit Roll-Ups, a snack food that is literally rolled up. And you might have had pinwheel sandwiches, which are soft tortillas that are rolled up with yummy fillings, like peanut butter and banana or meats and cheeses. These, too, are sometimes called roll-ups. In British slang a roll-up is a hand-rolled cigarette. (We prefer the sandwich type of roll-ups.)

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What are some other forms related to roll-up?

  • rollup (alternative spelling)

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How is roll-up used in real life?

Roll up is a common verb that literally means to roll something up. Although the noun roll-up is less commonly used, it’s often used to refer to something that can be rolled up, like those yummy sandwiches.



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Is roll-up used correctly in the following sentence?

The blinds on that window are roll-ups so I can look outside quickly.

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British Dictionary definitions for roll-up

roll up

verb (adverb)
noun roll-up
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Other Idioms and Phrases with roll-up

roll up


Accumulate, as in He rolled up a fortune in commodity trading, or She rolled up a huge number of votes in this district. [Mid-1800s]


Arrive in a vehicle, as in They rolled up in a taxi at exactly eight o'clock.

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