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[Spanish roh-sahs]
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  1. Juan Manuel de [Spanish hwahn mahn-wel th e] /Spanish ˈʰwɑn mɑnˈwɛl ðɛ/, 1793–1877, Argentine military and political leader: governor of Buenos Aires and dictator 1835–52.
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[Italian raw-zah; English roh-zuh]
  1. Sal·va·tor [sahl-vah-tawr] /ˈsɑl vɑˌtɔr/, 1615–73, Italian painter and poet.
  2. Mon·te [Italian mawn-te; English mon-tee] /Italian ˈmɔn tɛ; English ˈmɒn ti/, a mountain between Switzerland and Italy, in the Pennine Alps: second highest peak of the Alps. 15,217 feet (4638 meters).
  3. a female given name: derived from Rose.
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Historical Examples

  • The slaughter among the troops of Rosas must have been terrific.

    The Three Lieutenants

    W.H.G. Kingston

  • England and France, viewing the policy of Rosas with dislike, complied with the request.


    W. H. Koebel

  • Rosas was never slow in responding to a challenge of the kind.


    W. H. Koebel

  • In the early days of Rosas it was an important frontier post.


    W. A. Hirst

  • Rosas was defeated, and took refuge on board an English steamer.

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noun Monte Rosa (ˈmɒntɪ, Italian ˈmonte)
  1. a mountain between Italy and Switzerland: the highest in the Pennine Alps. Height: 4634 m (15 204 ft)
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  1. Salvator (ˈsalvatɔr). 1615–73, Italian artist, noted esp for his romantic landscapes
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fem. proper name, from Latin Rosa, literally "rose" (see rose (n.1)).

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