[ raw-ty-ryey; English roh-toor-ee-ey, -tyoor- ]

noun,plural ro·tu·riers [raw-ty-ryey; English roh-toor-ee-eyz, -tyoor-]. /rɔ tüˈryeɪ; English roʊˈtʊər iˌeɪz, -ˈtyʊər-/. French.
  1. a person of low rank; plebeian.

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How to use roturier in a sentence

  • The noble has gone down on the social ladder, and the roturier has gone up; the one descends as the other rises.

    American Institutions and Their Influence | Alexis de Tocqueville et al.
  • Désirée, our femme-de-chambre, before she came to us, lived in a wealthy roturier family.

  • The whiskers of a roturier, my good Lankin, grow as long as the beard of a Plantagenet.

    The Christmas Books | William Makepeace Thackeray
  • That a roturier, a plain peasant, or even a tradesman, should become the social equal of a noble was a thing unheard of.

    Women of Medival France | Pierce Butler
  • Few men of his stamp indulge in the weakness of railing at Fortune, which is the privilege and consolation of the roturier.

    Sword and Gown | George A. Lawrence