[ ruhn-uhv-thuh-mil ]
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  1. merely average; commonplace; mediocre: just a plain, run-of-the-mill house; a run-of-the-mill performance.

Origin of run-of-the-mill

First recorded in 1925–30

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How to use run-of-the-mill in a sentence

  • The street was full of people—strangers who didn't look like your run-of-the-mill artist.

    The Syndic | C.M. Kornbluth
  • This is not—and when I say this, I mean the Oswald case—is not an ordinary run-of-the-mill-type of case.

    Warren Commission (5 of 26): Hearings Vol. V (of 15) | The President's Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy
  • Feature story, maybe, but it's pretty run-of-the-mill stuff, even at that.

    The Telenizer | Don Thompson
  • Knowledge like this was too much for the ordinary run-of-the-mill person.

    The Eyes Have It | Philip Kindred Dick

British Dictionary definitions for run-of-the-mill


  1. ordinary, average, or undistinguished in quality, character, or nature; not special or excellent

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Cultural definitions for run of the mill

run of the mill

Common, ordinary, average: “His performance in the game was neither exemplary nor disastrous; it was simply run of the mill.”

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Ordinary, average, as in There's nothing special about these singers—they're just run of the mill. This expression alludes to fabrics coming directly from a mill without having been sorted or inspected for quality. It has survived such similar phrases as run of the mine and run of the kiln, for the products of mines and kilns. [Late 1800s]

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