rush light

rush candle

  1. a narrow candle, formerly in use, made of the pith of various types of rush dipped in tallow

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How to use rush light in a sentence

  • He had a great red pipe in his mouth, and was smoking, and staring at the rush-light, in a state of enviable placidity.

    The Pickwick Papers | Charles Dickens
  • "She has given our little one a fine present," said the baby's mother, examining the coin by the rush light.

    The Court Jester | Cornelia Baker
  • But compared with her friend she is as a rush—light to the evening star—a glow—worm to Antares.

  • I was bred and brought up mostly by rush-light, and I do not find that I see less clearly than other people.

    Cottage Economy | William Cobbett
  • Richard was forced into an empty cellar, and left with no other companion than a glimmering rush-light.