St. George


a town in SW Utah.

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St. George's

[ jawr-jiz ]
/ ˈdʒɔr dʒɪz /


a seaport on and the capital of Grenada, in the SW part.

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[ gri-ney-duh ]
/ grɪˈneɪ də /


one of the Windward Islands, in the E West Indies.
an independent country comprising this island and the S Grenadines: a former British colony; gained independence 1974: scene of invasion by U.S. and Caribbean forces 1983. 133 sq. mi. (344 sq. km). Capital: St. George's.
a town in central Mississippi.
Related formsGre·na·di·an [gri-ney-dee-uh n] /grɪˈneɪ di ən/, adjective, noun
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Saint George's

noun usually abbreviated to: St George's

the capital of Grenada, a port in the southwest Pop: 3908 (2001)

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/ (ɡrɛˈneɪdə) /


an island state in the Caribbean, in the Windward Islands: formerly a British colony (1783–1967); since 1974 an independent state within the Commonwealth; occupied by US troops (1983–85); mainly agricultural. Official language: English. Religion: Christian majority. Currency: East Caribbean dollar. Capital: St George's. Pop: 109 590 (2013 est). Area: 344 sq km (133 sq miles)
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W. Indies island, discovered by Columbus Aug, 15, 1498, and named by him Concepción, the place later was renamed for the old Spanish kingdom or city of Granada, which is said to be from Latin granatum "pomegranate," either from fruit grown in the region or from some fancied resemblance. Others connect the name to Moorish karnattah. The Roman name, Illiberis, is said to be Iberian and represent cognates of Basque hiri "town" + berri "new," and survive in the name of the surrounding Sierra Elvira.

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[ (gruh-nay-duh) ]

Nation in the West Indies, about one hundred miles off the coast of South America. Its capital and largest city is St. George's.


In 1983, President Ronald Reagan of the United States ordered an invasion of the island, allegedly to protect some one thousand American citizens from Cuban military personnel on the island.
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