[ sawr-ee ]

noun,plural sau·ries.
  1. a sharp-snouted fish, Scomberesox saurus, inhabiting temperate regions of the Atlantic Ocean.

  2. any of various related fishes.

Origin of saury

1765–75; <New Latin saur(us) + -y2. See saurel

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How to use saury in a sentence

  • A northern coast name for the gowdanook, saury-pike, or Scomberesox saurus.

    The Sailor's Word-Book | William Henry Smyth
  • The saury, or billfish—scomberesox sauris—is found in all parts of the North Atlantic.

    Motor Matt's Race | Stanley R. Matthews

British Dictionary definitions for saury


/ (ˈsɔːrɪ) /

nounplural -ries
  1. any teleost fish, such as the Atlantic Scomberesox saurus of the family Scomberesocidae of tropical and temperate seas, having an elongated body and long toothed jaws: Also called: skipper

Origin of saury

C18: perhaps from Late Latin saurus; see saurel

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