[ skeyp ]
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  1. Botany. a leafless peduncle rising from the ground.

  2. Zoology. a stemlike part, as the shaft of a feather.

  1. Architecture. the shaft of a column.

  2. Entomology. the stemlike basal segment of the antenna of certain insects.

Origin of scape

1595–1605; <Latin scāpus stalk <Doric Greek skâpos, akin to Attic skêptron staff, scepter

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or 'scape

[ skeyp ]

noun, verb (used with or without object),scaped, scap·ing.Archaic.
  1. an archaic variant of escape.

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  1. a combining form extracted from landscape, denoting “an extensive view, scenery,” or “a picture or representation” of such a view, as specified by the initial element: cityscape; moonscape; seascape. Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2023

How to use scape in a sentence

  • Has it 'scaped thee how Paullus paid a meed of pious tears to the misfortunes of King Perseus, his prisoner?

  • I seed mo' den dat—I seed wut until dat time had 'scaped me—I seed dat de man wuz good lookin'.

    Up Terrapin River | Opie P. Read
  • What, have I scaped love-letters in the holiday-time of my beauty, and am I now a subject for them?

    The Merry Wives of Windsor | William Shakespeare
  • I would not have missed the 'vile comparison' to have 'scaped being one of the 'Arcades ambo et cantare pares.'

  • He 'scaped it, and he stood; but, as he stood, With horror infinite the weapon saw Planted so near him.

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/ (skeɪp) /

  1. a leafless stalk in plants that arises from a rosette of leaves and bears one or more flowers

  2. zoology a stalklike part, such as the first segment of an insect's antenna

Origin of scape

C17: from Latin scāpus stem, from (Doric) Greek skapos; see shaft

Derived forms of scape

  • scapose, adjective

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/ (skeɪp) /

verb, noun
  1. an archaic word for escape

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suffix forming nouns
  1. indicating a scene or view of something, esp a pictorial representation: seascape

Origin of -scape

abstracted from landscape

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