[ ser-vee-tuhs ]

  1. Michael, 1511–53, Spanish physician and theologian, accused of heresy and burned at the stake.

  • Spanish Mi·guel Ser·ve·to [mee-gelser-ve-taw]. /miˈgɛl sɛrˈvɛ tɔ/.

Other words from Servetus

  • Ser·ve·tian [ser-vee-shuhn], /sərˈvi ʃən/, noun
  • Ser·ve·tian·ism, noun

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How to use Servetus in a sentence

  • Servetus was roasted for two hours in the flames of a slow fire made of green wood.

    Gospel Philosophy | J. H. Ward
  • Why did Ricetto, Bruno and Servetus in the hour of martyrdom turn with loathing from that sacred emblem, the crucifix?

    Gospel Philosophy | J. H. Ward
  • Bucer did not hesitate to declare, that "Servetus deserved something worse than death."

  • He would have burned a Galileo as he caused the death of Servetus, which need not have happened but for him.

  • Michael Servetus, whom John Calvin burned at the stake, was perhaps the first to note this phenomenon.

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/ (sɜːˈviːtəs) /

  1. Michael, Spanish name Miguel Serveto. 1511–53, Spanish theologian and physician. He was burnt at the stake by order of Calvin for denying the doctrine of the Trinity and the divinity of Christ

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