[ sur-vis-man, -muhn ]
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noun,plural serv·ice·men [sur-vis-men, -muhn]. /ˈsɜr vɪsˌmɛn, -mən/.
  1. a member of the armed forces of a country.

  2. a person whose occupation is to maintain or repair equipment: a television serviceman.

Origin of serviceman

First recorded in 1920–25; service1 + man

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How to use serviceman in a sentence

  • I liked San Francisco and servicemen were welcome anywhere so I spent a lot of time in the best hotels and restaurants.

  • On the other side, the firing became more sporadic as the officers and Secret Servicemen collapsed.

    A Place in the Sun | C.H. Thames
  • Jewish servicemen were barred from certain Middle East countries.

  • Or perhaps the ex-servicemen thought this might be a further plan of those who had employed them.

    They Call Me Carpenter | Upton Sinclair
  • Then, facing the staring ex-servicemen: "Tetlathi mater erne kai anaskeo ko-omeneper!"

    They Call Me Carpenter | Upton Sinclair

British Dictionary definitions for serviceman


/ (ˈsɜːvɪsˌmæn, -mən) /

nounplural -men
  1. Also called (feminine): servicewoman a person who serves in the armed services of a country

  2. a man employed to service and maintain equipment

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