[ sev-uhn ]
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  1. a cardinal number, 6 plus 1.

  2. a symbol for this number, as 7 or VII.

  1. a set of this many persons or things.

  2. a playing card with seven pips.

  3. sevens, (used with a singular verb) fan-tan (def. 1).

  1. amounting to seven in number.

Verb Phrases
  1. seven out, crap2 (def. 3a).

Origin of seven

before 900; Middle English seoven(e), seofne, seven,Old English seofon; cognate with German sieben,Gothic sibun; akin to Old Irish secht,Welsh saith,Latin septem,Greek heptá,Polish siedem,Sanskrit saptá

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British Dictionary definitions for seven


/ (ˈsɛvən) /

  1. the cardinal number that is the sum of six and one and is a prime number: See also number (def. 1)

  2. a numeral, 7, VII, etc, representing this number

  1. the amount or quantity that is one greater than six

  2. anything representing, represented by, or consisting of seven units, such as a playing card with seven symbols on it

  3. Also called: seven o'clock seven hours after noon or midnight

    • amounting to seven: seven swans a-swimming

    • (as pronoun): you've eaten seven already Related prefixes: hepta-, septi-

Origin of seven

Old English seofon; related to Gothic sibun, German sieben, Old Norse sjau, Latin septem, Greek hepta, Sanskrit saptá

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see at sixes and sevens; in seventh heaven.

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