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Origin of haul

1550–60; earlier hall, variant of hale2

Related formsre·haul, verbun·hauled, adjective

Can be confusedhall haul

Synonym study

1. See draw.


[ shag ]
/ ʃæg /

verb (used with object), shagged, shag·ging.

to chase or follow after; pursue.
to go after and bring back; fetch.
Baseball. to retrieve and throw back (fly balls) in batting practice.

Origin of shag

1930–35; origin uncertain; see shack2 Unabridged Based on the Random House Unabridged Dictionary, © Random House, Inc. 2019

British Dictionary definitions for shag ass


/ (ʃæɡ) /


a matted tangle, esp of hair, wool, etc
a napped fabric, usually a rough wool
shredded coarse tobacco

verb shags, shagging or shagged

(tr) to make shaggy

Word Origin for shag

Old English sceacga; related to sceaga shaw 1, Old Norse skegg beard, skagi tip, skōgr forest


/ (ʃæɡ) /


a cormorant, esp the green cormorant (Phalacrocorax aristotelis)
like a shag on a rock Australian slang abandoned and alone

Word Origin for shag

C16: special use of shag 1, with reference to its crest


/ (ʃæɡ) British slang /

verb shags, shagging or shagged

to have sexual intercourse with (a person)
(tr often foll by out; usually passive) to exhaust; tire


an act of sexual intercourse

Word Origin for shag

C20: of unknown origin


Though still likely to cause offence to many older or more conservative people, this word has lost a lot of its shock value of late. It seems to have a jocular, relaxed connotation, which most of the other words in this field do not. No doubt its acceptability has been accelerated by its use in the title of an Austin Powers film. Interestingly, though advertisements for the film caused a large number of complaints to the British Advertising Standards Authority, they were not upheld


/ (hɔːl) /



Word Origin for haul

C16: from Old French haler, of Germanic origin; see hale ²

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Word Origin and History for shag ass
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Idioms and Phrases with shag ass


In addition to the idioms beginning with haul

  • haul off
  • haul over the coals
  • haul up

also see:

  • long haul
  • rake (haul) over the coals
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