[ shah-eer ]

  1. a person, especially a poet, endowed with unique perception or insight.

Origin of shaʿir

From the Arabic word shāʿir

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How to use shaʿir in a sentence

  • I'm no gaun to hurt you; but I'm gaun to tak' Black Jock oot o' your clutches as shair as daith.

    The Underworld | James C. Welsh
  • No, mem, tucked breists are oot o' date; ye'll no' see such a thing in Gleska; I'm shair puir Macphee himsel' hadna ane.

    Erchie | (AKA Hugh Foulis) Neil Munro
  • I'm shair it must be a hard job for the auld man, her paw, to provide diversions for the puir wee smout.

    Erchie | (AKA Hugh Foulis) Neil Munro
  • I'm shair ye hadna muckle sense at the time, or it wadna be yon yin ye went coortin'.

    Erchie | (AKA Hugh Foulis) Neil Munro
  • An Accipitrine bird, the same as that obtained at Shair-i-Suffer.